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Guy Picking up Guys

watch the second part of this eye-opening social experiment!

(you can watch girl picking up girls here)

why don’t you f*ck off with your Google+ bullshit youtube

Full Performance of “Something Stupid” from “Swan Song” | GLEE

     -       “So far - 820 likes / 420 dislikes. Might be childlish but I did hit the dislike bar just because I hate Bram and the message it tells. I think you should too because Ryan Murphy really doesn’t give us much room.”

The only positive things are the comments. Our fanbase is strong, keep fighting! Brittana Is Something Special

Anybody subscribed to Marina Dalmase’s yt channel?

This talented French kid who sings like angel and pronounces English words like pro even though she can’t speak it just did veeeeery naughty version of Payphone and I worry she has no idea what she says xD.
Never have I ever heard kid swearing with such an innocent face.
Go check it out, it’s worth it xD

"Brittana it´s back" video on youtube has got over 9,4 mil. views lol

That´s how popular we are!


omg he finally did it!  i have been following @AreYouSuprised since he started his coming out story.  Watching this made me so nervous!

this is fokin amazing