Blog mostly dedicated to Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. Heya, Brittana are my otp even though I no longer watch Glee. This is personal blog so you can find here bit of everything. LGBT rights. Gooner till I die free counters  Heya Babies


Last years I couldn’t wait to see the Valentine’s episode on Glee. I couldn’t even sleep.

This year I have no idea who’s even on Glee …

The Love Circle

Lesbians want straight girls.
Straight girls want gay boys.
Gay boys want straight guys.
Straight guys want lesbians.

My dash is so full of this movie called ‘Pitch Perfect’ that I need to watch it.

Now I’m warning you if there is ANY sign sign of some blonde girl falling in love with brunette or vice versa I’m gonna unfollow you all!!

'Make a great gifset or epic fanvid and I'll ship whatever you want'

Just saw a cute lesbian couple kiss goodbye in public. They were both young and very beautiful. One of them was blonde. The other one was brunette. I ship them.


Arsenal game so far

Oh god, oh god, not Jenkinson please oh god, oh god wtf Ramsey, oh god oh god.