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Since you watch Lost Girl and I haven't been keeping up with it. Could you please give me the run down on what's happening with doccubus, dybo, and valkubus, please because all these gifs have me confused

Sure. (spoilers)

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Dani and Santana in 502

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just finished Dexter

You know what the season finale was by far the best episode of the season but FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOUUUU!! I ONLY WANTED ONE THING!!!!!

I cried during most of the episode, I fucking hate the writers so much. But yeah, it was great finale.

I AM SO TORN *cries*

Devastated, Lucrezia turns to her potions to end his life painlessly with Cesare vowing that now she will be his for good.

“It is a game of want and wanting”

“It seems only a Borgia can love a Borgia” [x]