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million miles between us

Five years of believing her brother to be dead, Thea is barely holding herself together. Molding herself into the same image the city had of her brother, party all night, waste away all day. Then her brother is back. Alive but different.

Everybody’s Numb - Thea Gilmore - 

Wine Red - The Hush Sound - 

Spanish Doll - Poe - 

Vertigo - Rachael Sage - 

Five years of thinking he would never see his baby sister again. Five years of regret for all the things he wasted, people he didn’t appreciate. He returns home to a sister that doesn’t know how to live with him. She just wants him to be the old Oliver, the real Oliver again, and all he sees when he looks at her is who he used to be.

Fact-Fiction - Mads Langer - 

The World As I See It - Jason Mraz - 

Thinking of You - Christian Kane - 

Everything - Buckcherry - 

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Oh come on Arrow!!!

How am I supposed to ship Oliver/Laurel when you keep making this cute scenes with Oliver/Thea, I never believed they’re related - too much eye fucking and way too much sexual tension.