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HUGE news about to break out. First ever openly gay active Premier League footballer to come out on sunday.

The quality of referees in England is not low, it’s disgraceful. For supposedly the best league in the world the PL have some very, very poor referees. It ruins the game.

Oh god Arsenal please PLEASE don’t fuck up my Christmas! You know how attach I get to results and we really need to win this one.

Just for once - surprise me in a good way. Thank you


Cardiff vs Arsenal. Another important match to win. Come on Arsenal!!

COYG !!!

Important game in which we could go 5 points cleat of everyone else!!

Arsenal v Liverpool. Let’s do this gunners!!

72 seconds before ManU were awarded penalty.

This is Premier League in one sentence. What a joke

Well Premiere League is truly back!

One big hiatus is over.

Now i need Glee and Brittana to happen and my life will be complete!