Blog mostly dedicated to Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. Heya, Brittana are my otp even though I no longer watch Glee. This is personal blog so you can find here bit of everything. LGBT rights. Gooner till I die free counters  Heya Babies


Piers Morgan might be a complete douche but how so many Americans can claim that more guns means less crime and violance is beyond me. Surely noone is that stupid. I refuse to believe that

I am yet to be soer this week which is something incredible. 120 hours and counting but my stomach is almost dead. 

Best week ever though

2 years ago, when I made this blog, noone in my country even knew what Tumblr is. These days, it seems, every idiot has it. It’s bit sad to be honest.

Like it was my thing that noone knew about except the family I was part in here.

I really hate football sometimes.
Mostly when Arsenal are playing though … or when some team I hate are playing … and I hate everyone except Arsenal. Well that’s not true because I have love/hate relationship with Gunners - usually hateful, really.
See I’m very bitter person when it comes to football and I hate this game 90% of time (never hating on my local team or the team I play fo- which is the same actually) but I cant imagine my life without it … you get me? Yeah ..
PS: I could very much use this to describe Glee except the fact that I love football as the game itself but I really hate Glee as show so no I can’t. Sighe

Off to finally buy some presents. I know I know I’m terribly late but so what.

Britt singing ‘Tell him’.
I’m getting closer and closer to abandon glee completely. That would mean dis-activating my blog. I don’t think I want to have ANYTHING in common with glee anymore. Sad

I’ve got so many crushes it can’t be normal. Or healthy. Or legal …
But srsly if I am to make a list, I wouldn’t finish it by Christmas. And I love them all sooo much. I blame Tumblr.

Such a shame what happened to Glee. And the thing that I haven’t seen last few episodes and have actually zero interest to watch it whatsoever bothers me even more. Perfectly fine just watching Brittana scenes from the ep and reblogging gifs.
Shame, really, I remember times I was obsessed with this show …