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This is not a fanfiction and I am all for angst and stuff but there are just SO MANY things that annoys me. I didn´t really stop watching Glee because Brittana broke up and I´m positive they will end up together, it is other storylines that piss me off and even though Bram is horrible I would get over it if I knew Glee would handle it with an honour.

There are so many double-standarts you can´t overlook them.

Glee at this very moment continues only because it makes money from the songs and that is fact.

Big congratz to Adele BUT

Am I the only who worry about her career now. How do you want to sing sad songs when something like that is happening to you.

How do you want Adele to sing happy songs though.

But of course baby is much more important .. :)

So this is maybe unpopular opinion

But I´d LOVE if Sebastian was Santana´s brother.

I mean he´s just like her.

Also he´s my by far the most “favourite” Warbler on Glee.