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NOOO you can’t sack David Moyes!! Why would you do that now that everyone loves him (except United fans)!

72 seconds before ManU were awarded penalty.

This is Premier League in one sentence. What a joke

If Arsenal had 10% of luck ManU have we would dominate the universe.

It’s impossible how lucky they are. + if you add referees and FA, it’s no wonder they are at the top.

van Persie is disgusting human being

I rate him same as those idiotic fans who threw coins at Ferrdinand but once again Ferdinand is jackass for celebrating in front of City fans. No class from both sites.

Liverpool 1-1 Manchester Utd. HT

Disgusting behavior by Liverpool fans who are booing at Evra because he was racially abused and their player got 8 matches fan racism. Racist twats