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ROBIN: If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.
TED: What’s that?
ROBIN: Timing.

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it started with the blue french horn and it ended with the blue french horn. It was never about the mother why can’t people understand that. She was sweet but honestly she was only a minor character. You can’t just skip what they’ve been building 9 seasons. It was always about Ted/Robin whether people like it or not.

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They had the ending planned for HIMYM since season 2, because that's when they filmed the kids doing their part. They had to film them all at once, so they didn't age, so they filmed the end sequence at the end of season 2.


all this outrage just shows you can never satisfy everyone. But honestly, this series had 9 seasons and the mother had app. 30 mins of screentime. It was never about how Ted met the mother of his child.

They led us out with Barney/Robin but it was never meant to be. Everyone says how much they love the first 4 seasons - watch them again. I’m pretty sure they had the ending planned 9 years ago.

Although the divorce and the death were really rushed they didn’t ruin the show in 40 minutes, that’s a very stupid thing to say. I think it’s fitting.

Goodbye, himym

"Let’s look at the facts here. You made us sit down and listen to this story about how you met mom, yet mom’s hardly in the story. No. This is a story about how you’re totally in love with aunt Robin."


HIMYM. I just watched it. OH MY GOD what do I even say. I have so many emotions now I don’t even know how to express them.

Ted and Robin!! They got to … I can’t even say it!

Let me put it this way - I’m probably one of very few people who actually loved the ending. Because let’s be honest, it was never about the mother, it was always abt Ted/Robin and Barney and I OH MY GOD WHAT IS AIR