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Apparently, Heather Morris got engaged to Taylor B. Hubbell. Congratulations :))


Naya Rivera and Heather Morris hanging out together on the set (16. 1. 2014)

Heather Morris - icons  (please credit if you use)

Anonymous asked
That doesn't mean she will be happy though. But thanks for clearing that up.

Sorry I didn’t answer yesterday - I was really tired and went to bed.

Sure, it may not last but right now she looks the happiest I have ever seen her (except Glee live tour) and that just makes my heart smile and I’m really happy for her.

That said I’m not a fan of Big Sean in general and I won’t ever ship Bigvera because I just can’t. Heya mean the world to me and I will romanticaly ship them forever because com one, they’ve been made for each other but I’ve been in this ‘game’ for a very long time now and what really makes me happy is seeing Hemo and Naya smile and glow.

Plot twist

Heather’s baby will pop out with glorious smirk and tell the nurse she’s bitch. In her fluent spanish