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All I want is Glee to release the Heya sextape. Brittana, I mean Brittana!

Come on, we all know it happened

Anonymous asked
Glee isn't getting cancelled due to ratings. The show is ending because now they have to pull a sixth season out of their ass because their star Quarterback passed.

I don’t think there’s desire to continue. Murphy will much rather forcus on AHS. But if Glee were to re-gain their great ratings you bet your ass they’d continue. Glee is and has always been about money for Fox. It still earns them tons because of the songs on Itunes.

Anyone got only Brittana scenes from Glee 100th? In HD if possible, don’t mind if it’s part of longer Brittana vid. 

Can anyone link me?

So when Glee is about to get cancelled because of ratings they SUDDENLY acnknowledge Brittana fandom and want us to watch.