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interviewer: umm, Naya..*everybody starts screaming*heather: *giggles* ..she’s hot, she’s hot.


interviewer: umm, Naya..
*everybody starts screaming*
heather: *giggles* ..she’s hot, she’s hot.

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{lost and delirious} Overwhelm Me | Paulie & Tori

So I know this isn’t my usual Glee shit but I wanted to branch out and do something different.

I doubt anyone even knows the movie I did this video for but here’s a little tidbit of info - it’s for a movie called Lost and Delirious, and the two girls in this vid are Paulie and Tori who are pretty much one of the most tragic OTPs to ever OTP. This is one of my favorite movies so I figured I’d do this vid for the hell of it.