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Cardiff vs Arsenal. Another important match to win. Come on Arsenal!!

Will we ever get over tha Manchester Utd complex?

So far it looks like we’re playing with shat pants when it should’ve been the other way around. Some players forgot to show up in the first half.

Massive second half. COYG!!

COYG !!!

Important game in which we could go 5 points cleat of everyone else!!

Arsenal v Liverpool. Let’s do this gunners!!


Arsenal vs Dortmund - Champions League. 

Big test, great game and cracking atmosphere.


Arsenal - 3 points from Marseille

Chelski - losing at home to Basel

= week made!


Don’t care how but we HAVE to win tonight!

Come on Arsenal

FA Cup <3 #COYG

Aaron Ramseyyyyy - why the fuck he’s chosen instead of Rosicky. WHY!!?? I don’t understand you Wenger, he’s CM ffs, putting him on winger only makes people hate on him more because he plays big fat shit there.

He deserves chance playing CM.