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First listening to Atlas from Coldplay (Hunger Games soundtrack)

It’s a bit different and it’s not catchy or anything but I think I’ll like it :))

Coldplay (Sunday, 16 September 2012) - Prague Synot Tip Arena, Czech Republic

Thank you Coldplay for best night of my life

Thanks Budweisser Budvar for giving ticket to VIP zone.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! It was amazing, I can´t even have words for it.


See you tomorrow guys, I am going to reach one of my dreams :)


Without you, it’s a waste of time
Coldplay with The British Paraorchestra performing Strawberry Swing [x]

Going to COLDPLAY concert tomorrow!!!!!

fnlhgsajdlfvjkfbeir how do I words?! It´s gonna be legen-wait for it-DARY! And also epic!

Did anybody go to 2012 Coldplay tour?

If so how was it and it´s true Marina and the Diamonds were as a furrunner?