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Lucrezia: “Maybe our love has to be more of a soul”

Alfonso: “Like brother and sister?”


If you know what I mean

I’m watching 3rd ep of the Borgias (season 3) and I’m crying. I’m crying because the impossible ship has become more canon than any other I have.

The Borgias time!

Give me the Borgiacest!!!! Gimme to me

It was clear that these characters were desperately in love with each other, from the very beginning. Now they turn to one another and just admit to themselves that that’s what they’ve always wanted. To me it’s really a love story.


Did they love each other?

With a love as pure and all-consuming as the love of God.

The relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia was always rumoured to be incestuous. That probably was a slur of the times in the interest of their enemies to denigrate them in that way. But they were definitively incredibly close, and Cesare was hugely protective of his sister. When she does go off to marry Sforza, he’s very conflictive even by the very idea of it. I kind of want them to be almost the ideal lovers, if they were not brother and sister. In other words: they will never find a bride, or a groom, that would live up to their expectations, having grown up with each other. So it’s not an incestous relationship, but it’s so protective it’s to almost be dangerous. -Neil Jordan