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"A house. My house, with a room for you. For as long as you need to stay…until the war is over or until you meet the man of your dreams. But for now, you have a home."

god damn it is this Bomb Girls or Game of Thrones?


shit shit shit shit I totaly forgot about Bomb Girls.

Gotta download it and watch it right away but man, I am so scared …


Have you missed Gladys, Lorna, Betty and Kate? We’re happy to announce the final chapter of our beloved series Bomb Girls is coming! Don’t miss Bomb Girls - Facing The Enemy, a two-hour movie airing Thursday, March 27 at 8 et/pt.

I wonder whether Kate & Betty are ever going to get together … it’s getting bit frustrated.

Finally watched ‘Bomb Girls’ up to the last ep.
Damn you feelings! Damn you Kate and damn you Betty!
But it’s a great show and I love every single character.

I just started watching Bomb Girls! S01E01 here I am! Hope I’m gonna like it :))

Won’t watch Bomb Girls until Betty x Kate become canon (if) because 1 thing I really do not need is stressing about yet another couple that will break my heart.

But I really really really wish they get together because it look like a great show. Anyway, I don’t even know if there is chance, but yeah, you heard me.