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BrittanaAU #3
↳ Her hand lingered on mine as her fingers began tracing patterns over my own. She was cold as death. Her eyes bore into me with such intensity I did no longer seem to notice the touch of her icy fingers. My heart began to race. I felt my pulse point pound wildly against my skin as the blood rushed underneath it. I watched transfixed as her eye color began to shift from a deep blue to a piercing gold. The purplish flesh beneath them became more prominent and her fingers no longer stroked mine. Somehow she did not seem human anymore, yet I could not bring myself to pull away from her. “Are you afraid?” she whispered.



They Say Bad Things Happen For A Reason by lynnearlington

“She’s still so stupid in love with this girl.”

If Only You Could See What I See by frogsrcool

“This is what happens when Cinderella falls for the pumpkin driver.”

Influence by sapphosghost

“One day, you’ll find someone who can give you everything you deserve. Until then, you have me.”

Color by evershadow

“I want to see the sunrise with you.”

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Whenever i hear Champions League theme i get goosebumps

So i watched Melancholia yesterday

Gotta say it was an amazing experience. Such a deep movie.

Lars von Trier knows what he does. I sill can´t think about it.

It was amazing