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What I would do for Sia to write song for Naya …

Most talented song writer of our generation

Played 23,771 times


Sia - Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)[Live].

It´s not a cover when you´re the songwriter. Anyway, it´s amazing!

Just heard Sia’s version of Diamonds, of song she wrote for Rihanna, I will never understand why she gave it to her .. I love Rihanna’s version but hearing ‘the original’ - so much emotion, passion and so well sung. Damn

WHAT?! Sia wrote song for Lea!?

OMG this is gonna be soo epic, she writes the most emotional songs …
Now one for Naya please!

I remember when Sia wasn’t famous ..
I remember her work before Guetta discovered her and although i liked those songs i miss the old Sia.
I remember crying while watching season finale of the Big C with Sia’s Lullaby playing in the background ….