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"I learnt a long time ago, that when you find something, that’s worth fighting for, you never give up”

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Guardianofmyheart prompted: Twin-Girls Special family time
Not so distant future. Belle and Rumplestiltskin are taking their twins, Lucy and Rose on a roadtrip* down the East Coast, away from the usual Storybrooke madness. And of course a brief visit to New York City is a must.
* Mr. Gold frankly doesn’t like flying all that much. And the roadtrip proved itself to be much more entertaining than any flight could ever be.
** ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is girls’ favourite movie. Mr. Gold had seen it far too many times for his liking. But then went and watched it twice more with his family. And they all enjoyed that.

The story of Belle and Rumplestiltskin (in chronological order)