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"I get hungry when I’m nervous" 

"I thought it was sad"

"I get sad when I’m nervous"

And that’s why I love Hanna!

Somehow I enjoy ‘Ravenswood’ so much more than PLL

I like Caleb better with Miranda than with Hanna and I think she should meet someone else. Emily desperetaly needs a new love interest aswell imo

Best episode of the season.

It was so good I might even watch Ravenswood. + the fact that I already really like Miranda

there’s a 4th one

oh well. It’s not bad though, I still like it I just think it would much better to end it now before it turns into ‘Glee’. Hope it’s not too late

Finished watching Pretty Little Liars

Nobody told me it turned into regular sci-fi. There were so many As it doesn’t even make sense anymore. I think it needs closure. Is season 3 the last one?

I never liked Ezra

but now he’s just acting like a cunt

Oh Aria. It’s either teacher or a miner student for you isn’t it.