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Anonymous asked
do you know the fanfic wherein heather's engaged and naya got so broken she started hurting herself?

I don’t, sorry.


All I want is Glee to release the Heya sextape. Brittana, I mean Brittana!

Come on, we all know it happened

Hi, sorry to be bothering you with this message but i just want to know if you happen to know any recent HeYa Fanfic for the coming 100 Glee? Any replied would be much appreciated! 

I don’t know any Heya fanfic that would refer to the Glee 100th episode. However you can check my fanfiction masterpost list, or go to for truly brilliant fanfics.

If any of my folowers knows of any please let me know :)

Do you hear that?!

That’s the sound of Heya being back!

Naya Rivera and Heather Morris hanging out together on the set (16. 1. 2014)

I just want Heya to be best friends again.

Is that too much to ask