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I feel sick. I know I shouldn’t have eaten all of that but it looked so good. Oh man my stomach

I might have downloaded season 1 of ‘Doctor Who’ and I might be about to start watching it, but I’m definitely scared as hell because I see a lot people saying it’s emotional torture but I can’t really imagine how and .. yeah I’m scared and I dunno what to do. Bye

*wake me up when this lesson fucking ends*

I hate being cold :(

Who ever invented this shit deserve the worst punishment!

Yes, I´m talking to you you little miscoscopic ****.

mcbrittana replied to your post: Angst feelings
why would you think that. why.

I dont know but I wants it and I’m dyiiing


Quinntana Week || Day 3 - College!AU:Quinn, stuck in Connecticut for exams, skypes into Santana’s birthday party.

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