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Ryan: Today I received a letter by a fan saying they want a storyline for a character called Brittana. Do you know what that means? Who's that person? Can she sing?

Brad: That's the lesbian couple! I could write some drama for them.

Ryan: Uh... not so sure about that. There's a lot of great Finchel stuff coming up! But if you want you could use that other character.. what's her name again?

Brad: Tina?

Ryan: What? No. Who's that?

Brad: Mike's girlfriend.

Ryan: Oh, yea, no. The other one. The blonde one with schizophrenia.

Brad: ... we don't have a character with.... OH... Quinn!

Ryan: Yes, exactly. God, I hate that bitch. Who's playing her part again?

Brad: Dianna Agron?

Ryan: No. I love Dianna! We should give her a new story. Get her pregnant.

Brad: We already did that.

Ryan: Oh. Get her fat! People want to see the origin of her vanity!

Brad: We already did that.

Ryan: What? Well... she could become a punk. One of those raging...

Brad: We already did that.

Ryan: No, we didn't. But now that you mention it we should introduce more characters.

Brad: I didn't say that.

Ryan: And Finn and Blaine need more lines.

Brad: I thought this was about Brittana...

Ryan: Quit asking me about that person. I don't know who that is. Is she related to Finn? Can she sing?