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Anonymous asked
Hey there ! I was wondering if you know the name of a Brittana fic where Santana has a son and she's something like a theatre producer and while doing audtions she crosses paths with Quinn, Brittany and Rachel again. Puck somehow ends up living with her after moving from LA and being her son babysitter. Another thing I can remember is that Santana's apartment is on fire one day and Puck takes her son out. Thank you so much for the help

Sounds familiar but I don’t think I’ve read this one.


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Very well then, but you have been warned!

What are you reading? Share the angst!

Here is the first part and HERE the sequel

It´s 90% Angst but very well written. You gonna crey

Someone explains to me why I am reading sequel to a story that contains character death and I told myself after I read it NEVER AGAIN EVER.
This story is pure angst and I’m crying hut I can’t stop and I don’t know what to do.

Goodnight, Baby

It’s 1 am and Santana doesn’t know whether now is the right time to tell her.

She can’t ruin this moment.

She won’t let herself.

Instead, she tries to relax and breathe in the same smell she has been surrounded by her whole life.

One deep breath.

And release.

One deep breath.

And release.

One deep breath.

And release.

One deep-
“WARNING -character death” Brittana


Like a butterfly,
Santana’s journey out of the closet
occurs in stages. From the first time she
heard the word gay to the first time she
flew free from her chrysalis, she can
remember everything.

About to start reading “In My Veins”

I heard a lot about it and I love me some Angst :)
Hope it’s good.

YAY! New chap of !Living with Santana Lopez” !!

Great fanfic, you should check it out :))

I’ve Never Reached An Answer I’m Only Given Clues  updated!!!

This is the last chapter before the epilogue. Thanks for reading.”

Need an advice

I need new fic and I need your opinion if you read one of these.

Much appreciated!

1) “Shelter”

2) “Leave your glasses on”

3) “Offense: The Best Defense”

Do you read any? Which one should I pick?

I´m reading this fanfic.

When Karofsky is dad os Santana´s daughter.

I don´t know if i should continue .. if i can continue

But it´s good and interesting though

How good is “Taking The Long Way” ?

I heard it´s completed and i know it´s long as hell but if it´s good i might give it a shot.

Opinions? :)