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Anonymous asked
is there a fanfic of brittana and football to go with your background?p.s your blogs so cute <3

No, unfortunately. It was a B-Day gift from the fabulous afterlaughs. But there are some really great football!fanfics. THIS one for example :))

Anonymous asked
I mean, the strap-on chapter of Taking the Long way is prettty hot- although i can't remember what chapter that is

Yeah, I know there was strap-on sex in TTLW but then again I think they’ve tried every possible position in this fanfic. :D

Anonymous asked
Do you know any good strap-on fics?


I don’t remember reading many fics that feature strap-on sex but maybe my followers can help?

Nice things happen to people who wait and don’t desert sinking ship.

We’ve deserved this, Brittana fandom. We’ve bloody deserved this.

All I want is Glee to release the Heya sextape. Brittana, I mean Brittana!

Come on, we all know it happened

Anyone got only Brittana scenes from Glee 100th? In HD if possible, don’t mind if it’s part of longer Brittana vid. 

Can anyone link me?

But seriously, has the gay sun been shining this week or what. Brittana is on again, Shayley taking selfies like there’s no tomorrow, Jessica and Hannah pics and even Camren are coming back to their old cute goofiness around each other. 

And that’s just what I see and follow on my dash. And it’s only Wednesday too!

Alright. So since I’ll watch the episode can someone brief me what’s happened to Brittany and Santana since they broke up?

I know some things from Tumblr but haven’t been following Glee for quite some time so I’d appreciate if someone told me what happened to them and mainly how their romantic life looked like up until now?