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Remember that time Arsène celebrating after a goal before realizing it was refused. Out of despair, he kicked a bottle of water and got sent off by the referee. He then stood out among the Man U fans, like the boss he is. (x)

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“I am personally against [homophobia], for me that is linked with racism, every single week you could find a reason to fight against it,” he said.

“It’s a kind of racism and that should all be included in the fight against racism.

“In our club everybody is free to have his own opinion of these kind of things.”

Arsene Wenger on homophobia/rainbow laces campaign

I am so proud to support Arsenal FC!!

It´s time to go Arsene

Spend some fucking money or go away. I still respect you, you´ve done amazing things for us and I´ll be 4ever gratefull for that, but this is too much.