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A - God, Brittany, why are you so stupid?
B - You were the only person in this school who’s never called me that.

Brittany walked away crying down the hall. From her locker, Quinn saw the entire scene, and straight walked fast to reach Artie.

Q - Are you a moron or what? Did you just realize what you’ve told her? I need to explain again the rule in this school?
A - Shut up Fabray, what do you want from me? This isn’t your business.
Q - Listen Stubbles McCripplepants, I’m not anymore the lead cheerleader, that’s true, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t have my way to show you what happened in this school if you do something wrong. So, go away before I change my mind.

Then Quinn turned around and followed Brittany through the hall.

Q - Brittany…Hey Britt, please hold on…please…

Brittany slowed her run, and stopped in front of the Cheerios changing room.

Q - Britt, don’t listen to him, the only stupid here is him. He doesn’t deserve you. Don’t cry for him..
B - I don’t cry for him Quinn…
Q - And so why are you crying?

Brittany took Quinn by the hand inside the changing room, which was empty during this period.

B - Few weeks ago Santana told me that she were in love with me…
Q - I know…
B - Y-you know?
Q - Come on Britt, I know you and I know Santana. I’ve always known that there was something between you, and this isn’t a problem for me…but, go ahead..
B - I…I told her that obviously I love her too but…
Q - What’s happened?
B - I told her that I also love Artie…but this isn’t the same love that I feel for her, he was the only one in this school that has never called me stupid, and look now, he called me stupid and I don’t have Santana anymore..I’m such a mess, I don’t deserve anyone..

Brittany started crying again, Quinn then hugged her tightly.

Q - Shh Britt, don’t say that, she’s hurt right now, that’s clear, but she loves you, and she will never stop do that.
B - Q I’ve missed you, I’ve missed your words, and your hugs…
Q - I’m here now, don’t worry BrittBritt!

Quinn picked up her phone and then sent a text to Santana.

S, come in the Cheerios changing room, Britt needs you.

Q - B, I need to leave the room for a second, just stay here, I’ll be back soon okay?
B - Okay, thank you Quinn.

Quinn gave a kiss on Brittany’s forehead and left the room, out there Santana was waiting

S - W-what’s going on?
Q - She needs you Santana, she loves you.

The Quinn left Santana, who walked in the changing room quite quickly.

Another HUGE thank you to Alice that always help me with the corrections!

That´s what Bartie shippers should see..


Q - So, everything was a joke?
S - No Quinn, no, it wasn’t a joke. I real…
Q - Oh really? First you told me that you were in love with me, and then you sang that song with her…
S - Quinn, I’m really sorry…maybe you don’t understand what I am trying to say…I love you, I really do, but this is the love that you can give to a close friend, a isn’t the same love that I feel for her…

Quinn dried her tears off, took a deep breath and then got a little closer to Santana.

Q - I’m sorry San. I don’t even know what I am doing…I don’t even know who I am…I just have a lot of feelings, feelings that I’ve never dealt with…you know what I mean…The only thing that I know for sure is that we’ve been friends since we were 8..
S - Yes, I know Q, and that’s the same for me. It’s hard, I know, but we can do anything, it’s just love…
Q - Isn’t this stupid? We were the popular girls in this school, everyone were terrified when we walked down the hall, and look at us now, we’re nothing, just two girls…
S - But we have love…or maybe, I hope so…and this is more important than anything.

The blonde then sat next to the hispanic.

Q - Yeah, for you definitively it is, Brittany loves you, she always has. Everytime i see her, she’s always worried if you’re not with her, you give her what she needs, and she does the same to you…in my case it isn’t the same..
S - Stop it Fabray, really do you think that she’s really in love with Finnocence? Don’t you think that maybe she’s with him because that is the only way to keep him away from you, the only way that she can try to let yourself hurt less?
Q - But she’s still hurting me..because even if it’s for me, she’s still with Finn…not with me…
S - Maybe it’s because you’ve never told her what are your feelings? Maybe because she’s insecure, she’s scared to be rejected…like what you feel..
Q - You’re right Lopez…you’re right.
S - I’m always right, always Fabray!

Santana put her head on Quinn’s shoulder and then took her hand and gave her a kiss.

S - Quinn, we need to go now or the others can start thinking about something not really good..

Quinn then got up and took by the hand Santana and went back to class.

Thanks to my lovely Alice for the corrections!

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