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queer film meme ‖ [1/5] things that have to be shown more - cute domestic scenes

in order of appearing: bloomington; yes or no; tipping the velvet; lost and delirious; the secret diaries of miss anne lister; nina’s heavenly delights; the night watch; bye bye blondie;

Eating out Cheerious was always Brittany’s thing though

Let’s play a game called 21 questions.

I’m only answering 21 questions publicly & completely honest. No questions are off limits. I’m even taking anon questions, but once the 21 questions are up, no more answering. 

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Also reblogging on the merit of Brittany still calling Blaine “Blaine Warbler”.

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Need an advice

I need new fic and I need your opinion if you read one of these.

Much appreciated!

1) “Shelter”

2) “Leave your glasses on”

3) “Offense: The Best Defense”

Do you read any? Which one should I pick?

I think I´m missing something …

Can somebody sum up what happened on Glee in last week?

I haven´t been here much lately and I´m not really sure how to act around here …

Thanks in advance :)