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It’s the Glee pairing no one, and everyone, saw coming… After watching Brittany fall head over heels for Santana (Naya Rivera), is now the time for her to move on — and with a member of the opposite sex? We weigh the pros and cons of one of Glee’s most controversial couples. …

CON: Brittana is too important a relationship to end
Brittany said it herself in last week’s episode when she initially told Sam she couldn’t be with him because of “all of the lesbians of the nation” tweeting at her and posting mean messages on Lord Tubbington’s Facebook wall. “I think its means a lot to them to see two super-hot popular girls in love,” she said. Despite the hilarious “Brampocalypse” name, the lesbian community’s argument is a sound one: After seeing everything Brittany and Santana had to endure to be in an open lesbian relationship in suburban Ohio, why would the Glee writers just undo that progress now? Santana had to bear the brute of the difficulties, thanks to her discerning abuela and that horrible political campaign ad, but Brittany struggled with her feelings for her BFF as well. Aside from Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and The New Normal (another Murphy creation, natch), there are a scarce number of lesbian couples on TV, which makes Brittana all the more important.

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But it’s Glee …

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