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  1. thegirlwiththeheadphones answered: Quinntana
  2. quinnsexriot answered: pezberry
  3. clarissaramli answered: Quinntana definitely..
  4. alwaysseethebrightsideofasmile answered: quinntana
  5. wolf-pants answered: quinntana
  6. snix69 answered: Both, but Quinntana sometimes win…
  7. valkubus-quinntana answered: Quinntana
  8. daisy-lipenowski answered: Quinntana, but i would have said the same before any of these spoilers.
  9. jadethemanatee answered: pezberry
  10. claireys21 answered: Pezberry coz Santana would get more screen time. But Brittana would have to be end game
  11. angry-lesbian-blogger answered: quinntana. santana and rachel is just, no
  12. limaheights1986 answered: Pezberry
  13. storm-thats-raging0n answered: Quinntana
  14. kerrywashingtontho answered: PEZBERRY
  15. snowinglemondrops answered: Ughhh neither but if I had to choose…. Quinntana.
  16. nayariveracruz answered: Quintanna
  17. allkindsofrainbows answered: Neither, they both make me feel nauseous. Brittana all the way!
  18. marry-me-naya said: Quinntana because it makes more sense when comparing those two
  19. sexyheya answered: quinntana
  20. rachelduncanny answered: quinntana
  21. mmevastra answered: quinntana
  22. nayariveraanddemilovato answered: quinntana, but nothing beats brittana :)
  23. riversgron answered: quinntana for sure
  24. h4ppysnowman answered: quinntana
  25. quinntanas answered: quinntana
  26. forparamoreimprettyoptimistic answered: quinntana
  27. rollingbug answered: Quinntana
  28. totgeboren answered: Quinntana
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