Blog mostly dedicated to Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. Heya, Brittana are my otp even though I no longer watch Glee. This is personal blog so you can find here bit of everything. LGBT rights. Gooner till I die free counters  Heya Babies


Anonymous asked
Tomas! It's your old friend Kristen. Haven't written in forever because basically glee sucks, but OMG that twitter feed you posted totally made my day!!! Sorry to hear about your election, keep your head up and keep posting cool stuff!

Hi Kristen! :))

Yeah, I figured it is popular because I can see on my dash people still reblog it, think it’s been way over hundred times lol. It’s a cool story xD

Yeah, Election really sucks, I’m ashamed of our new president but hey, he has like no powers in my country so shouldn’t be that much of problem .. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re doing great :))