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Apart from Brittana, if you had to choose 1 other otp - what couple would it be?

  1. blazejd answered: Faberry. And if we’re talking canon, …Wow I’ve been on this for like 10 mins..uhm..Puckerberry cuz fanfics
  2. offthewallsandoverthebridge answered: What’s the ship name for Red and Belle? Well I ship Red and Belle
  3. lezbilebanese answered: FABERRY
  4. sytevil answered: Quinntana…
  5. monkeypunkies answered: ugh, just one…? rn it would be swan queen i guess
  6. scrunchyfacenaya answered: paily
  7. nayariveracruz answered: Rivergron/Quintanna
  8. meandmyriots answered: Calzona
  9. talesofunsuccess answered: no
  10. araneapeixes answered: Bubbline :D
  11. thelandslidewillbringyoudown answered: Maxoline :)
  12. justtoogaytofunction answered: klaine
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