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HeMo will always be HeMo deal with it. The more insane it is the more she loves it, she’s not much into serious stuff and she probably doesn’t even know how big Brittans audience is. Is it wrong? I think so yes, but she’s not gonna change and she loves Brittana and she enjoys being part of it. She might say things like that but that doesn’t really mean anything - who wouldn’t rather be just themselves and laugh and do stupid things all the time? I know I would but I also know that if Brittana get back together she’ll be the person who’ll take it with all seriousness and give 110% into it.

Have you forgotten Landslide, Songbirds or Mine? Please don’t tell me HeMo doesn’t take Brittana seriously because that is a big fat lie. And if she wants to have bit more fun now that she’s with Sam? It only really shows she doesn’t care about this “relationship” as much as she did when she was with Santana - she just wants to do supid  things and laugh.

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