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  1. tabula-rasa8 answered: YESSS
  2. theothergaycousin answered: The show is very good. The writting is quality stuff, every character is interesting and yes there’s a lesbian girl in it, Betty. She rocks.
  3. giftofamber answered: Yes, but graphic and gut wrenching. But the Betty/Kate story is really romantic.
  4. tatsrathat answered: YES it will break your heart (in a good way) and I will warn you of a slightly gut-wrenching scene near the end of the 1st ep.
  5. skyelovesu answered: yes
  6. brittanalovatic answered: Well, there’s lesbians in it so you know it must be good : ]
  7. theladyisachamp answered: IT IS THE BEST.
  8. pouterbridge answered: YES! It’s terrific. Definitely the best new show of 2012 of those that I’ve looked at.
  9. crayolagron answered: yES SO GOOD WATCH IT
  10. jesswelsh answered: yes it is :D
  11. ladycanuck answered: Yes! It really its. And yes there is a lesbian-ish storyline.
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