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  1. kohltracks answered: if season 5 is a brittana spin off show then ofc
  2. scrunchyfacenaya answered: i wished it ended last season.
  3. h4ppysnowman answered: maybe one more season to wrap it all up.
  4. r4ndomhomo answered: I don’t want it to stop. ever. But well If the old cast isn’t on glee anymore then… I don’t care..
  5. littledutti answered: no
  6. bitch-be-glad-i-walked-in answered: I don’t know, maybe if they focus on the original cast again, and Brittany and Santana are together, then I’m in…
  7. araneapeixes answered: honestly I’d prefer it to end last season…Now it’s just getting worse and worse
  8. skyelovesu answered: yes , call it a gut feeling .there are still parts that i hope so i’m not givving up on glee
  9. harderthanitis answered: CONTINUE. But pretty please santana and brittany together.! They just have to!
  10. yunnanmom answered: if they can stop w/the angst and reunite the couples and focus on NY and lose the newbies, I vote for another season
  11. lezbilebanese answered: yes ! but I’d rather see the original cast, without the new characters.
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