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Attention please


I have 2 questions for you, my dear followers, and it is not exactly easy to say.

1) I have established this blog over year and half ago for the purpuse of supporting our 2 main stars - Naya and Heather. Now obviously those were bit happier times but I will go down with this ship and so will you, I hope. I think this blog got the fair bit of attention that Heya deserves and the number of followers only confirms this. But it could be better and the main reason why it is not is me not having enough time.

I am sure you have noticed this blog is not exlusively about Heya but I think it might be the time to change it. I do not want to give up on this account, but it should move forward. I do not know your opinion just yet but that is why I am writing this, right.

I want to say that be a honest, you will not ruin my feelings at all, because I have been planning this for a while now, and last but not least thing - it would NOT mean I would be out of Tumblr. I would, of course, still be running this blog, but move with other stuff I am interested in to a new blog where you could follow me.

2) So the questions are

a) Would you PREFER if this blog was JUST about Heya (meaning only post about them + Brittana of course, but nothing else) or do you actually prefer it  more various?

b) Say you want change, here comes the most important thing - Would anybody be willing to run this blog WITH me?

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  2. blazejd answered: Nothing wrong with a little variation but I’d love if you still posted Heya/Brittana stuff too right?
  3. santana-is-my-spirit-person-hana answered: I love your blog being just about heya and brittana it keeps the hope alive and everything please dont give it up :)
  4. skyelovesu answered: i thinks it’s awsome as is show your personality
  5. lesbpllbrittana answered: heya is perfact and amazing and etc but there isn’t much news about them so frequently… keep it mainly Heya and post about varieties too (:
  6. r4ndomhomo answered: If it will stay MAINLY about Heya and Brittana than it’s okay to be more various but not too much :(
  7. defygravity79 answered: I wouldn’t mind some non-Heya or non-Brittana posts. This wouldn’t be the only blog who does.
  8. waynejackman answered: Actually I don’t mind more varieties! to be honest there isn’t much new heya or brittana stuff nowadays, i guess more varieties will be gd :)