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Right now it'd be 1,3,4,2. I'm actually really loving Season 4 right now. Most people are too reliable on their OTPs right now to even care about the rest of the show and that's not what Glee is supposed to be about, and that's not how it started. Season 1 had the original cast obviously it was amazing. Season 3 was the most emotional and I love its soundtrack. Season 4 is really good to me and I love the new characters. Season 2 was also good I just didn't like Lauren much but it had Fabrevans!

I gotta response to this.
I think it’s save to say that Glee fans can be separate into 2 groups - a) davoted shippers b) regular watchers
Now, glee shipers are usually people who watch it from the beginning and have tjeir own ship + love the original cast. ON the other hand regular watchers take Glee as it progress and can appraciate changes and new characters.
It’s really up to you how you feel it.

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