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Anonymous asked
Nah Bram didn't happen in this ep, the closest thing to Bram was that they were sitting next to eachother for like .1 seconds pin the auditorium but the ep was pretty much about Finn trying to make him feel good and tell him how amazing he is even tho he called sues baby a retard, and Will is leaving so he made Finn the new teacher or whatever, they mentioned the Finchel breakup and the Klaine breakup, Blaine even got a song to sing about Kurt, not one word about Brittana.

As much as I dislike RM I do not think that he or they are gonna do much about Bram. I think Brittana is pretty much endgame for them and whar relathionships is 100% solid and working all the time?

You know that the struggles make the couple that much stronger and more emotional for us. I still believe they´re not gonna mess it up for us …  

Thanks for review :))

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