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I swear ‘Girl just want to have fun’ is the ultimate soundtrack for every lesbian TV couple ever.

'Faking It' could work if we set it a high school like that and had one of the girls actually have a crush on her best friend.


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Anonymous asked
i can't download faking it with the link you posted :-(

it’s link to watch online -  although I think you can download it too but you’ll have to download download manager first.

If you’re from US you can watch it for free from your itunes though.

Anonymous asked
hey, do you know where I can watch Faking It online? :)

you can watch it HERE

  1. joffrey-riot answered: i think i am gonna suffer again because of lesbians

Oh god I just noticed it’s blonde/brunette.

Oh god why. This can’t end well

gonna watch Faking it now.

I know few people already watched it - what did you think?



I thought this show was about dragons?

Well sometimes a girls needs a break from all the dragons.