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yeah the quote is great but the whole article, well it’s gonna be really angsty. 

What they’ll come to find is that Karma has zero idea that Amy is interested in her. That’s why she goes after the boy and tells Amy all about Liam. I think it drives an invisible wedge that Karma doesn’t see because she doesn’t know how Amy feels.

Katie Stevens (x)

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yo i am selling a ticket to the panic! at the disco gig in wolverhampton on the 10th of may bc i have a spare

face value was £22.50 but i am totally willing 2 discuss a cheaper price

please msg me if u are interested (◡‿◡✿)

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You should watch trodrick halls beauty and the beat shes the lead singer in it and its not justin bieber related

oh ok thanks for a tip.

I’m kinda intrigued now that you said it’s not Bieber related coz I don’t know where it come from


Czechlist #10: Plzeň (Pilsen) is a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Here you’ll find the world’s third largest, ornately decorated Great Synagogue as well as the Cathedral of St Bartholomew.

The Plzeň district is a place that will be forever associated with a centuries-old tradition of beer brewing using bottom fermentation, a beverage the Czechs call their “liquid bread”.

you don’t how true beer tastes unless you’ve had pilsner